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μMetric (Micro Metric) is a light-weight simple SaaS-based framework for implementing situational awareness. The implementation is based on the work of professor Mica R. Endsley.
μMetric will be available in the Apple store around fall 2021.


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Number with secondary value widget

A well-designed dashboard is a powerful launch point for data-driven conversations. Armed with the same collection of information, your business makes faster decisions based on a single source of truth.

μMetric is a cloud-based dashboard tool that displays key business metrics in real time. Users can configure their dashboards based on their business needs.

Via the iPhone, users can setup their dashboards The dashboard itself is presented on the Apple Watch.

On premise?


Can I install μMetric on my own server? No. μMetric is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) application. We maintain our servers, security, and updates so that you don’t have to.
μMetric uses no plain text communication whatsoever. Communication between all app components, including connections to the database and other HTTP connections are encrypted. User passwords, access tokens, and any other stored information are also encrypted.


μMetric offers visualisations/widgets for:
Pie charts
Traffic light (RAG)
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Pie chart widget

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Number and objective widget

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Graph widget

Pricing plans

  • Basic
  • Free
  • 1 Apple Watch widget
  • 10 Measurements
  • Pro
  • € 1.99 / month
  • 5 Apple Watch widgets
  • 10 Measurements
  • Premium
  • € 14.99 / year
  • 10 Apple Watch widgets
  • 10 Measurements
  • Sharing

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