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Number & Stat

The Number widget is focused on the display of a metric that can be represented by a single number, along with a secondary metric. E.g. sales of this year compared to the sales of last year.
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Supported ADD parameters


  • Contains "number_and_stat" for Numbers-widget with a primary metric and a secundary (base) metric.
   "title": "Sales",
   "description": "Percentage logic",
   "domain": "M1ZES",
   "widget_class": "number_and_stat"

Supported SET parameters


  • boolean to indicate whether to show the secundary value in the widget as a raw value (true) or as a percentage (false).
  • boolean to indicate whether am increase in the primary metric is considered as a positive event (green arrow pointing up) or negative event (red arrow pointing down)
  • Item is an array and must contain primary and secundary metric. The secundary metric acts as reference (base) to the primary metric.
  • This parameter describes the primary and secundary metric and should be a number.
    "domain": "M1ZES",
    "widget_data": {
        "reverse": "false",
        "absolute": "false",
        "item": [
                "value": 75
                "value": 200

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